Recommended Instructors and Websites


Karl Rehn / KR Training

Since 1991, KR Training has been offering high quality, affordable firearms and self-defense courses. We're the oldest and largest firearms training school in Central Texas, staffed by male and female instructors with decades of combined experience and national level credentials in firearms training, defensive shooting and tactics, competition shooting, threat and risk assessment, law enforcement and military service. In addition to teaching our own courses, we host multiple national level trainers every year.

Our 88 acre private training facility, the A-Zone Range, has multiple shooting bays, including a shoot house, and a comfortable classroom building with A/C and bathroom. Facility is on flat, level ground easily accessible to those with mobility limitations. We have a large inventory of loaner gear students can use during classes: guns, holsters, eye and ear protection. 

We've trained thousands of students: total novices, recreational shooters, carry permit holders, those seeking serious post-LTC training, competitive shooters, and local law enforcement officers. Advanced courses require a carry permit and may have additional pre-reqs.

Tom Givens / Rangemaster

After completing a 25-year career in law enforcement and specialized security work, Tom opened his own pistol range in Memphis, TN in 1996.  For 18 years, it was the primary source of handgun carry permit certification for the greater Memphis area.  Soon joined by his wife Lynn, the training duo formed Rangemaster Firearms Training Services to share their expertise with a much broader audience. 

 They now travel across the country and around the world to arm responsible citizens with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively protect themselves and their families.  

Tom has now been working in firearms instruction for nearly forty years. He has trained security officers; law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal level; and foreign government agents.  

John Correia / Active Self Protection

John founded Active Self Protection in 2011 to teach people in all walks of life to develop the attitude, skills, and plan to defend themselves and their families from harm.

Greg Ellifritz / Active Respnse Training

Greg Ellifritz is Active Response Training’s President and Primary Instructor.

Greg has been a police officer since 1995 and spent 13 years as the full-time tactical training officer for his central Ohio police department.  In that training officer position, he was responsible for developing and instructing all of the in-service training for his 55-officer police department.  In addition to his training position, he has served as patrol officer, armorer, bike patrol officer, bike patrol coordinator, sniper, and field training officer for his agency.

He instructed classes at the Tactical Defense Institute for 17 years and served as a lead instructor for TDI’s ground fighting, knife fighting, active shooter,  impact weapons, and extreme close quarters shooting classes.

Greg holds instructor, master instructor, or armorer certifications in more than 75 different weapons systems, defensive tactics programs, and law enforcement specialty areas.  In addition to these instructor certifications, Greg has successfully completed more than 4,000 hours of documented formal training with the leading firearms, empty hand fighting,  and edged weapons instructors in the country.

Greg has been an adjunct instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy, teaching firearms, defensive tactics, bike patrol, knife defense and physical fitness topics.  He has taught firearms and self defense classes at the national and international level through the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, Rangemaster Tactical Conference, and Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.

He has a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management and has written for several publications and websites including: ‘The Firearms Instructor,” “Ohio Police Chief,” “Combat Handguns,”, “Concealed Carry Magazine,”  Primedia’s “Personal & Home Defense Annual,”  “Recoil Magazine,” and “American Handgunner.”

Scott Jedlinski / Modern Samurai Project

Modern Samurai Project offers private and group instruction on basic self-defense and firearms. Our specialty is the fundamentals and performance of the use of red dot equipped pistols for responsibly armed citizens and law enforcement.

​Other classes teach the optimization of the AIWB concealed carry position. 

In addition, classes to obtain your Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit are also available.

Be Good. Stay Safe. Get Training.  

Bill Blowers / Tap Rack Tactical

Bill served in the US Army for 6 years and has been a Police Officer for over 25 years. He has spent the bulk of his LE career assigned to SWAT holding positions as a Sniper, Ballistic Shield Man, Mechanical/Ballistic Breacher, Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader on a large and busy regional SWAT team. 

He has planned or participated in approximately 1500 missions, he has over 5000 hours of documented training time, and holds instructor certifications in a variety of SWAT related topics.

Bill's is passionate about what he does and is driven to provide relevant and up to date training. 


Spencer Keepers / Keepers Concealment

This company was founded by Spencer Keepers, a nationally-recognized marksman and personal defense instructor. After years of carrying his firearm in the traditional strong-side-hip position, Spencer transitioned to the modern appendix inside-the-waistband carry method (AIWB). He spent some time experimenting to see if he could make AIWB work. 

This test phase produced only mixed results, and Spencer soon realized that most good AIWB holsters took a year or more to be delivered. Eventually, he decided that if he couldn’t buy the right holster, he would just build one. Initial designs were built around a full-sized Glock 35. This long-barreled handgun was so well concealed that Spencer started making his AIWB holsters for other handgun models too. Through a lot of experimenting, Kydex bending, and customer feedback, the now-patented “Keeper” holster was born, and several derivative designs have followed in its wake.

As demand for these products increased, Spencer’s wife, Stacy, joined the Keepers Concealment team. Stacy is also an avid shooter and certified firearms instructor. But of course, even if people have all the right gear, that gear is wasted without competent training on how to use it properly. So in addition to quality holsters, 

Keepers Concealment also offers various levels of self-defense instruction. From beginning shooters to elite operators, we pride ourselves on arming people with the technical and tactical knowledge required to carry a firearm safely, securely, and effectively. We invite you to browse our website for more information on all of our products and services. Thank you for your interest in Keepers Concealment, and we look forward to helping you carry with confidence.

John Murphy / FPF Training

John did ten years in the Marine Corps and currently works for the Department of Defense, but he makes no claim to being a combat veteran. He considers himself very fortunate to have trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, and he’s learned much more about shooting and self-defense outside the military than he ever did during his service.

 As an instructor, John has incorporated the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses, and he continues to train and refine his skills every year, both as a defensive shooter and as a trainer.  John has presented classroom and range classes at the 2016, 2017 and 2019 Rangemaster Conferences, and currently holds an “Advanced Instructor” rating from Rangemaster. 

Scotty Reitz / ITTS

Scott Reitz is a 30 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police department. Scott received his Bachelors degree from the University of New Mexico and shortly thereafter joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his first few years, he worked both Wilshire and Van Nuys divisions as a heroin expert and a member of the Special Problems Unit. He was accepted into the elite Metropolitan Division a few years later and remained there for the duration of his career. Shortly after his acceptance into Metro he advanced into ‘D’ platoon (SWAT). He remained there for ten years until he was upgraded as the primary firearms and tactics instructor for the whole of Metro division and all LAPD advanced in-service firearms/tactics training.  He was additionally in charge of advanced training for specialized units such as gangs, LAFD arson, anti-terrorist division, S.I.S., Internal Affairs follow teams as well as all 19 geographical divisions among others. 

Scott was an adjunct instructor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s SRT III program and one of the instructors for the US Marine Corps SOTG program in Camp Pendleton, California. He has trained and worked with U.S. Army Delta, Naval Special Warfare’s Team 6 and Air Task Force assets that support special operations. He is also one of a very few instructors who is a Federal and Superior Court qualified expert in deadly force, training, safety and police tactics. He has testified and consulted in the defense of police, F.B.I., U.S. Secret Service, and B.A.T.F. as well as many high profile cases.

Scott has been involved in five officer involved shootings that were ruled justifiable with not a single resultant lawsuit. 

He has taught hundreds of officers that have subsequently been involved in gunfights and to his knowledge, not a single one has resulted in an out of policy shooting. On an average year, Scott conducted the accelerated and advanced firearms and tactics training for over 7,000 officers a year and he did this for fifteen years with a perfect safety record. He has established training programs for numerous entities which have proven to be imminently successful.   

Claude Werner / The Tactical Professor

The Tactical Professor is Claude Werner. His background combines extensive work in the military, self defense training, and white collar financial services communities. This eclectic experience base gives him a view of self defense equipment and techniques that is more attuned to the needs of people with median lifestyles than some segments of the industry..

Firearms Trainers Association

The Firearms Trainers Association is professional membership organization with the mission of protecting and advancing the art and craft of professional firearms instructors by establishng a high standard of safety, professionalism, responsibility and excellence in the trade. The FTA's goal is to help its members develop and grow their skills and businesses. 

The FTA was founded by five of the most well respected and distinguished professional firearms trainers in the world. Ken Hackathorn-Chairman, Larry Vickers-Vice Chairman, and Board members Jeff Gonzales, Dave Spaulding and Scott Reidy have worked with 2A Association Management and Executive Director Kyle Sweet, to create a professional organization to advance and protect the profession of firearms training. 

Member benefits include business development services, instructional content, safety/risk management and coverage for range and teaching liability requirements. 

The Foundation Belt / EDC Belt Company

“The Foundation Belt” from EDC Belt Co, LLC is 1.5" and made for conceal carry out of Cordura and reinforced nylon webbing, in all of the right places, with a Tri-Glide low profile buckle. The Foundation Belt, by EDC was built to be a functional and comfortable belt for concealed carriers. It is a double taper cut, made with 5 rows of stitching to be comfortable, conform to the wearer and to keep the belt from rolling back and a non-reinforced tag to allow the belt to be fed through the pant loops from either direction. 

It has a combination of softer materials and SCUBA webbing that only places heavy non flexible SCUBA webbing in the areas you should wear a holster - from appendix to strong side on the non tag side and under the loop tape portion for running the tag through holster loops.


Arms Unlimited

Arms Unlimited is an American owned and operated small business, founded in 2012. 

Setting the gold standard in law enforcement equipment supply. We specialize in sourcing needed equipment for the law enforcement and military communities as well as offering competitive online sales of firearms, accessories, ammunition, optics, and more. Our mission is simple: provide our customers with the gear they need at the prices they want.

Arms Unlimited is the largest law enforcement distributor in the nation for Colt Defense, 3 years in a row! We are also a proud distributor for Remington, Beretta, SureFire, Magpul, Mossberg, Springfield Armory, Ops-Core, Trijicon, EOTech, Heckler & Koch, Magtech, Oakley, Camelbak, Arc'teryx, Carhartt, and many more!